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that our brokerage services offer

Our main task is to represent the client on the insurance market and negotiate the best deal in protection and content of General Agreements.

Punkta Brokers - Jesteśmy brokerem ubezpieczeniowym, specjalizującym się w obsłudze klienta masowego, ze szczególnym naciskiem na ubezpieczenia komunikacyjne.
We carry out a multi-level insurance analysis in terms of risk coverage, scope of insurance coverage and price.
We are experts in insurance solutions tailored to your unique demands.
We negotiate with insurance companies the scope and price parameters of insurance programs on behalf of our clients.
We provide full assistance for our clients in the claims settlement process as well as redress actions involving insurance companies or third parties.
We provide each client constant access to detailed reports on sales; damages; portfolio progress and results as well as market trends.
We examine the insurance market in terms of the financial condition and security of insurance companies and of new products that become available.

Check what makes us different from the other brokers on the market:

We use innovative methods and an original approach in the area of product design, after-sales service and supervision of the claims settlement process.
Our DNA includes design and implementation of solutions to support complex motor insurance programs.
We have advanced information and service security management procedures, a both in the context of data security as well as a number of scenarios in the event of external threats.
The collection and processing of data enables us to generate complex analyzes and take action to optimize portfolio parameters; this results in defining new areas of benefits for all entities involved in the process.
Our many years of experience in cooperation with Insurance Companies in the general motor insurance sector has resulted in a high level of efficiency in the implementation of the solutions we propose.
To maintain a high standard of service, we organize trainings and prepare training materials on insurance contracts concluded through us.